Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Cloud in room

This Designer put a realistic cloud in an empty room. I think it is a great indenture because just the thought is absurd and even though it is quiet interesting how one cloud looks in an empty room. You can see all details and it is much more attractive to the audience. It has something, which expresses silence. So you start think with this kind of art.

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013


This new invention is quit interesting. You can directly see that it is a cup holder and it is available in different colors. The question now is, if it’s a useful invention or not. I would answer that is depends on the person. If it is a businessman or woman it might be useful because they work in the office and while they work they cannot tip the cup. It is also portable, so if they travel they can use it wherever they want. But in my mind is more for clumsy people or for children. So decide for your self.
The design is taken from the clothespin just the size is bigger. It is a funny idea but the usage is disputable.

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Gorgeous paper apple crafts

This apple and pear looks really realistic even though it is just made out of paper. The designer combined healthy and juicy fruits with office equipment. To me, it is much more attractive to take one of these fruit looking papers than just to make a little note on a normal posted. In my mind it is a small idea, which has a big effect.

Designer Chairs

Accidently I found these chairs in the Internet when I was looking for some furniture in the Internet. It was an eye catch because it looks so new, not just that they are new they look like that some designed them in 2030. That is why I personally found them interesting. On the other side I would never buy these kind of chairs because they really look uncomfortable, which is the most important aspect when you buy a chair. I guess in this case it’s not just because of the comfort but rather about the appearance. So they are kind of luxury chairs. I would compare that with the fashion there are some things on the catwalk where I think who in the world would ever wear that. So it is more about the creativity not about the usage.

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

How to hang your studio cables the right way

This Picture shows a wall where you can hang cables. The designer this something really easy but it has a big effect. It is just an addition, a printed face, which is in the middle of the gibbet cables so it looks like a guy with long hair. The idea is really simple and easy to make that’s why I really liked that picture. It can also be used as a decoration so it looks much better then just a cable salad.